DJ SPINNA's *SOUL SLAM* Michael Jackson + Prince Tribute (NY)

April 21, 2023 8:00 PM
17 Meadow St, Brooklyn NY, 11206

SOUL SLAM, over 2 decades strong, is the authoritative and original Michael
Jackson vs. Prince party. DJ Spinna commemorates both Prince and Michael
Jackson with a memorable experience where he dives into the catalogs of each
artist, playing everything from original compositions, remixes, associated
collaborations, and exclusives, leaving audiences spellbound! This event has
become a worldwide phenomenon. The title SOUL SLAM is a wordplay and a
derivative of Prince's "Glam Slam", and "Soul" represents both Michael Jackson
& Prince as Soul Music Icons. DJ Spinna also celebrates both artists with their
own separate events, respectively with *FOREVER MICHAEL” and “SOUL
SLAM-Prince Edition” music tribute events. As a result of SOUL SLAM’s
reverence, DJ Spinna has become the premier DJ to spin the annual "Thriller
Night" event at the Jackson family estate in Encino, California. DJ Spinna also
performed at Paisley Park in 2022 for the annual "Prince Celebration". DJ
Spinna is the main DJ for Spike Lee’s “BK Loves MJ,” & “Purple People Party”
celebratory block parties in Brooklyn, NY. SOUL SLAM is guaranteed to
mesmerize and leave you musically frenzied on the dance floor!

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